Venom-X mouse control for consoles
by Sammo_3888
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A hands on review of a new product. Mouse control for consoles or PC gaming.
So its been 15 years since I used a mouse controller for online gaming.. we're talking Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear time! Since then I've enjoyed playing on consoles and not chasing the next technology to get a few more improvements on speed and graphics. However, I have missed the control that I used to have with the mouse controller, especially in shooters. Lets face it, the thumb isn't the most precise digit for control. As a result, when the firefight gets hot, I tend to spray and pray instead of dropping a crosshair on a forehead and filling up the virtual line to hell.


Whilst babysitting a boring movie shoot and surfing the net I came across the Truact Venom X mouse controller. To be honest, I was awaiting Splitfish to release theirs, but they seem to have had numerous delays in production. They were supposed to release in April, then June.. now its November, so you be the judge. Well after reading the reviews, my "Buy it now" finger got itchy so I scratched it and dropped the credit card on it... 2-3 days later it was here. I have had it for a couple days now, so i think I'll give it a review.


Well, setup wasn't easy. The instructions were terrible. I went to the Truact website and hit the forum. I found a much better setup guide, and some fiddly tweaks to make it work well, but we'll get to that. I'm looking at you @Deathguard77, be patient, its worth it.

I loaded up Destiny. Initially, the reticle movement was so slow I was freaking out! I increased the sensitivity in game, and it was only a little better. I went back to the Tuact website and found that there was programming software for the module/mouse. Through this software, you can assign the buttons, adjust sensitivity, add rapid fire, autofire barrel rise correction, blabbidy blah blah.. you get the idea!

Oh, and you can change the LED colours.. so, cool.

Anyways, long story short, I have adjusted sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, moved buttons around and then played.

Holy crap. Control is reDONKulous. You never miss, you never sweep and spray.. its bang, dead, bang, dead, bang, dead. Please don't allow @NWJake to get this, or we're all doomed. I'm still a little of a spaz when in a tight firefight, but that's me, not the item.

....... and that's when I played Battlefield 4.

a virtual tear ran down my face. Its a beautiful thing. I wanna write a review to this, but I'm finding it difficult because I am speechless still.


3 parts to this bad boy: Transceiver, NunChuk, Mouse.

The Tranny connects to your USB port, and your PS4 controller plugs into it. This is the brains. Your programming is stored here, and the 3 LEDs on the left tell you what preset you have active.. you can store 3 to optimize for your favorite games.

The NunChuk is very similar to the Wi's controller. It contains triggers, analogue control, directional buttons and a few others. It does have motion control too, if that's your bag. It runs on a single AA battery and has the ability to store 3 weights inside. The package contains 6 disc shaped weights that are similar to a watch battery, you can place these inside to give the units a bit more heft... oh and it comes with 3 thumb pads to choose from.

The Mouse has the regular 2 button top, and a scroll wheel. On the side there's a bunch of buttons that also replicate the buttons you'd find on the right side of your console controller... all of which are reprogrammable. The mouse also runs on a single AA battery and can contain up to 6 weights. I'm not sure what the DPI is on the mouse, but it appears to be pretty good! There are 2 buttons on the top of the mouse where you can instantly switch 3 settings of the DPI on the mouse, on the fly. These are ALSO programmable.. as little and as much as you want. And it has 3 side covers to change the shape of the mouse to suit your comfort.

The software also has a speed boost (programmable) where you can give your control an immediate multiplier for control of hot firefights, or a bit faster control in vehicles etc.

Ultimately, all I can say is that the unit works very well, and is supercustomizeable... is that a word? Yes, it will take tweaking, but worth it. I'll write more later... but for now... more gaming.

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gikyfamo 07-05-2018, 02:44 AM

My wireless mouse to connect with the computers that have the range of 10 meters from the device of the mouse are controlling my system. When to mouse controls my sheets of mhr writer review then on the long range I operate the editing.

JustShar 05-21-2018, 07:01 AM

Good ONE

Sammo_3888 11-13-2014, 03:44 PM

A few more games of BF4 in hand now.. wow.

Control is stupid-awesome. The input has now become second nature and I am dropping crosshairs on whatever I want at will; no more sweep and readjust. Even in firefights with players who are carrying an assault rifle, the DMRs are dropping guys with their superior damage. We're talking 3-4-5 guys at a time before they can adjust. Even in distance shootouts with snipers I am winning most of the time, with a 4x scope! Handheld can't keep the crosshairs on me as I shoot out the snipers on the rooftops with 3 shots.

Firefights in close quarters are over before they begin, even with the bunny hopping crowd. Control zones are cleared quickly and held. I will get overrun with 5 guys, but what do you expect? Many areas can be taken back with aggressive play as the DMR point man..

If its not on your Christmas list yet, put it on there... but if you can, make it an early gift to yourself. Rarely do I rave about something this much, but I am sold. This is awesomenesszors.


Sammo_3888 11-09-2014, 10:26 PM

I've had a week to play with the venom x mouse controller now.. yup, worth it.

I now remember what I missed about pc shooter gaming. CONTROL! Now I don't pretend to be great at control with a console controller, so maybe its just me. However, with the Venom X in hand, I am muuuuuch better at gaming. It took a few days to get used to the new input measures, and to set up my sensitivities and button layouts but I got it locked in now.

Without sounding like a BaDaZZsNiPeZoRRRZ type player, with the mouse in hand, I really do feel like an instrument of war who is actively affecting the outcome of battles just because I am winning firefights and dropping guys strategically, even at range. The one thing I noticed especially is that the DMRs in BF4 are now my Go-To gun. With their 34 damage at any distance combined with the newfound control, I can play very aggressive with the DMR, and stop to take out targets as they crest hills or enter control zones. Previously, the DMRs were crap. Now they can be used aggressively as well as strategically.

Imagine the movie "Lone Survivor" with a way better outcome.

more updates later as I get more time in....

Sammo_3888 11-02-2014, 12:49 PM

its very different.. the control is cool, but its getting some used to. I'm sure i'll get the hang soon. Headshots though.. Its gonna take some tweaking of sensitivities and stuff I think.

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