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Thread: tips and tricks

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    tips and tricks

    I'd like a resource where people can post their little tips and trick that make things work more smoothly during mission based games...

    I'll start with

    - when defending a take and hold objective or a search and destroy always keep up mines on the objectives...the enemy has to go close to them and will die to them but you have to put them back up again every once in a while because they go down easy.

    any other ones from you guys?

    I play: Battlefield 3

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    thanks jaque.
    1 - we should also put proxies in the closest tac spawn near the objectives to prevent the enemy from overtaking/camping inside our spawn.
    2 - We should start out as a Tactician to get the tac spawns.
    3 - Pick a class that is needed for the objective. (ie. tactician /infiltrator for setting up/defusing bombs or capture & hold missions.
    4 - If you're just starting to unlock a new class, work on getting abilities first(You can always pick up weapons from downed enemies/allies.)

    that's all I can think of right now.

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    run and gun
    disregard your K/D ratio and be the one in the front line on pursuing the objectives
    for assassination and search and destroy change to infiltrator as it is the best for objective(s) (IMO)
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    Ok so my 2 cent is. The majority of ppl should start as tactician, you can win missions if you always have to re-spawn 10-20 seconds away from the objective. When we have tactical grounds then the primary tacticians stay as tac and the rest re-spawn in your designated class. I can't stress the importance of tactical ground, the team that has it wins all the time.

    Also i'm with Ivan screw the K/D get out there in the heat of the battle, it will help your game and your k/d will take care of itself.

    Now for playing in the classes;

    Eng = Ammo box, turrets, mounted guns and pushing up the lines
    Sniper = self explanatory, kill the opposing front line push them back from our front line / objective.
    Tactician = get them tactical spawns up and pushing the line. you would be surprise what you can do with the tactician.
    Infiltrator = behind enemies lines, not for the faint at heart you really have to be willing to give up that k/d. Great for retrieving objectives with the sprint ability.
    Medic = reviving / supporting the front line.

    As for gear:
    Silence weapons are great don't underestimated them.
    Grenades: use them wisely, cook the grenade if the enemy is close. Get good at it and you can have them explode before they hit the ground and the enemies have not way of getting away.
    Mines: Got to use them when defending and objective but then just past choke point when the enemies run in they wont be able to back up. And watch you kills go up. Just remember to check up on then cause a good opponent will shoot them or use a grenade to get rid of them.

    Oh an communication is key.. let your team know were you are going and were the enemy is braking the line.

    Thank all for now..

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    n00b tubes, quickscoppezzz_xx and 1337 360 no scoppezz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerbut View Post
    n00b tubes, quickscoppezzz_xx and 1337 360 no scoppezz.
    What? Sorry not following.

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