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    Custom PC Builds

    Hey Guys,

    I have pretty much built my last 5 computers, and have learned some tips/tricks along the way. My next build will be a water cooled PC and will be a pretty solid gaming unit to boot.

    If anyone is looking at building a gaming rig and is looking for suggestions, drop me a line with your budget and purpose and I can help you build your PC.



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    I will actually be in the market for a new PC late in the year or possibly early next year depending on finances. I have bought my last two custom build PC's from and have always got great service from them. I will be going for a up to date gaming unit as well and will be looking to spend anywhere from $1200-$1000. Possibly more if the new job I interviewed for recently pans out.

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    W that site is over priced LOL. Mostly because it's 5 in the morning and I'm bored with nothing to do I price matched and didn't look for deals I almost mirrored a NCIX gaming tower, Couldn't find an exact match on the tower but found one of similar dsign and style. NCIX had it priced at almost $1400 and the componets it came with I could get for $500 cheaper.... Now I know why I do my own computer building ^_^.Don't know where you are located at mate but you should find someone you know who knows how to build computers and just buy the parts and let them have at it. Much cheaper and you can get more for your buck. Or build it youself, Honestly unless you are doing your own programming it is simplier than most puzzles to put together.

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