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    Well guys I made it to Gagetown in one piece and now have net. I found out I am going to be here for about 9 months since my course isn't till Oct. I am wondering if I can recruit people for a PC side of the clan? For I am going to get a gaming laptop today so I may play up here and have some fun. Later on I will get an PS3 and play with the clan again but that's after a few pays. I hope I can do this for I do want to be an active player with the Clan

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    We don't do much with it besides use it to hook up in-game time to time, but it's a start. I'm not sure I'd want to expand officially into a PC gaming clan. I like that we're a relatively manageable bunch of folks who enjoy gaming together. It's laid-back and enjoyable. The type of people we would end up recruiting from PC gamers tend to not be very laid back, and a good portion of them have the attitude that all consoles are a joke compared to their peni- I mean, computer.

    That being said, I do more PC than PS3 gaming these days, though that still is a trickle at best. I don't go out of my way to talk to people a lot, but I'm always interested in doing co-op things with people over competitive.

    Edit: I like how out-of-whack my Steam card hours show up sometimes. Sometimes I will leave a low-action pausable game in the background while I work, taking breaks every now and then to stamp down a few buildings or whatever. So it counts away the whole time I'm working, too hehe
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    I agree with Wizminkey, we need to take a very cautious approach the the recruitment on the PC side. However, that doesn't mean that you can't send a mature, non-cheating PC player our way.
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    Well boys I can start it up slowly and slowly take an approach at the systems. For I am going to have COD and BF3 and Arma lol

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    I'd like to get into planetside 2 and what not once I get a better card. Sigh, computers are so damn expensive these days!

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    Planetside 2 is a blast. I've only played maybe 20 hours, but it's been enjoyable. They are doing (have done?) a big revamp on the base layouts to make matches more dynamic and less zerging through bottlenecks.

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