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    No more Defiance for me !!

    Hello, i have to let you know that i have sold back my defiance game because it got to boring. I really enjoyed playing with you guys and i hope that we can meet again in another game maybe ?

    I had a good time but defiance just couldn't keep me going !!

    See you all in a different game !!

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    We all move on to other games at one point or another. Be sure to hang around here as I am sure there will be more games you can continue to play with fellow CRR. The fall is always a busy time for new great releases.
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    I still have it and want to play it, but I get so little play time. It's unfortunate that more people aren't playing it; I try to when I get some spare time.

    It's one of the games I'm sure I'll hang onto and play on and off over a long period, and I hope others will do the same.

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    Had a great time playing with you darthlink. Hope to see you in another game soon.

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